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Dear Yuletider,

Thank you for writing a story for me! I am pretty easy to please and will almost certainly love any story in any of my requested fandoms which does not include any of my (admittedly optional) do-not-wants. Please do write something you will enjoy working on as well :)

I've included some prompts and things I like in case it helps you to have something to start from, but if you've got your own ideas please feel free to run with them! One of my favourite things about Yuletide is all the happy surprises it contains.

General notes: I don't have any triggers. I am fine with any rating from G to R. If you write a story that includes sex, I would prefer that sex not be the only element of your story. I am okay with holiday stories. I am not a huge fan of crossovers, especially when I am not familiar with all fandoms involved. I would be thrilled to receive fic in any canon I've requested. (If we matched on something other than Carol or The Price of Salt, take heart. I requested both of these because I could and if I could do the same for any of my other fandoms believe me I would.)

Please do not include: Graphic descriptions of violence. Graphic descriptions of rape/non-con. Graphic descriptions of underage characters in sexual situations. Graphic descriptions of fires and/or fire-related traumas.

Things I generally like: Gen, femslash, het and slash. Complicated characters. Flawed characters. Found families. Threesomes that solve everything some things. Sex that isn't perfect. Polyamorous relationships. Asexual characters. Redemption arcs. Banter. Hijinks. Angst. Domesticity. Competence. Finding out how things work. The minutiae of everyday life. Kissing. Holding hands. Food. Characters working together to achieve something, especially if the people involved are or have been enemies. Consensual sex. Dubcon. Alternate universes. Worldbuilding. Fake dating/marriage that leads to feelings. Fake dating/marriage that doesn't lead to feelings. Coming-of-age stories. Knitting. Cats.

Things I generally do not like: Fic mainly about pregnancy and/or babies. Character-bashing. Earwigs.

Things I am on the fence about: A/B/O and soulmark 'verses. I do enjoy ones with lots of worldbuilding and/or trope subversion.

Fandom: Carol (2015)
Character(s): Carol Aird, Therese Belivet
Notes and optional prompts: I love how Carol and Therese run away and try to make a world where being themselves is good enough. What happens when the two of them try to make their relationship work once they're both back in New York? (Do they try, or do they talk themselves out of it?) How do they fix the damage caused by the time they weren't in contact with each other? How is their relationship the same, and different? How do they each get on with Abby; do the three of them become friends?

What does a lazy Saturday or Sunday at home look like? If they decide to live together, how do they go about making Carol's place home for both of them? Where do they go on dates? How do Carol and Therese continue to grow as individuals and how does this affect their relationship? What happens when one or both of them stop being so careful with the other? How does Therese's photography career progress? How does Carol get on in her job as a furniture buyer?

If you don't want to write post-canon fic, fic set before or during canon would also be very welcome!

I really like the setting and all the opportunities and complications it lends itself to, so please no AUs.

I would prefer fic that doesn't dwell on Harge or Richard. I am fine with femslash or gen.

I don't mind if book canon bleeds into movie fic but it would be great if the movie was used as a jumping-off point rather than the book. I realise this is a pretty vague request so any good-faith interpretations are fine! I love the book and the film equally, but my reading of book canon is that by the end the odds are stacked against Therese and Carol re-establishing and maintaining a romantic relationship. Whereas the film leaves me thinking that Carol and Therese have half a chance at stability and happiness together. I could believe that it all falls apart once they have to work at anything that's not sex, mind you, but I could also see them making it.

Fandom: Ghostbusters (2016)
Character(s): Abby Yates, Erin Gilbert
Notes and optional prompts:I love all of the Ghostbusters dearly but what I want to know more about at the moment is Abby and Erin's relationship, whether platonic or not. I ship them, but I also ship all permutations of Abby, Erin, Patty and Holtzmann so background relationships are fine as long as the focus of the fic is how Abby and Erin interact with each other. I would be just as happy with gen fic as I would be with femslash.

I love how Abby and Erin bonded over being weird when they were in school, and how they wrote a book together, and how they work together as Ghostbusters despite their history, and how Erin freaking launches herself into an abyss to save Abby, and how Abby forgives Erin enough to give Erin a second chance. I love how passionate they are about science and the paranormal and helping people and doing their own thing in the face of opposition. (And let's be real I love how much Abby loves soup.)

I really dig that canon is about awesome ladies (and Kevin) being awesome together AND busting ghosts, so please no AUs.

Tell me more about how Erin and Abby met, and/or about how their friendship imploded. How did they conduct their early research? What are the challenges and rewards in their day-to-day lives? Do Abby and Erin try to write another book? How does that go and how do Patty and Holtzmann contribute? What happens when they all go on a road trip for work or for fun, whether it's to somewhere one of them has always wanted to go, or somewhere at least one of them never wants to go again?

If you want to write femslash, I love first kisses, first times, and how people in love negotiate their work and their love lives. I'm a sucker for a slow burn (though I acknowledge this can be hard to pull off in a thousand works). I like in-jokes and grand gestures and sex that that's fun not perfect. I like characters who like spending time with each other.

Fandom: The Good Wife RPF
Character(s): Archie Panjabi, Julianna Margulies
Notes and optional prompts:Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi are talented and gorgeous; I loved watching them at work on The Good Wife and I would love fic that pairs them together again whether it's as colleagues or friends or lovers or enemies – or any and all of these.

If we match on this fandom and you want tell me a story about the so-called feud between Margulies and Panjabi that would be awesome. What really went down? Why all the secrecy? Feel free to be as serious or light-hearted as you wish. I would prefer no character-bashing please, and particularly not of either Margulies or Panjabi themselves. I don't know a lot about either woman (and would prefer the fic to hand-wave the existence any real-life partners, children etc.) so while well-researched fic never goes amiss, I'm just as happy for you to make stuff up. Alternatively, it could be fun to be convinced there absolutely was never any feud.

If making up stuff about feuds isn't your cup of tea, that is also awesome! I'm sad that The Good Wife is too big for Yuletide but what would help ease my sorrow is fic set during the show's run. Gen or femslash would be equally welcome. I like finding out about how things work so any peeks behind the scenes would be great: rehearsing for scenes, hanging around on set and between takes, the promotion circuit, award shows, parties, quiet moments away from all the hullabaloo – it's all good. How does Margulies deal with switching back and forth between producer and actor? How does Panjabi deal with moving countries for a job? How do the two women approach their characters and each other? What's their first meeting like? What happened the last time they saw each other? How does the fact that they spend so much time pretending to be other people affect their non-working relationship?

Bitter, bitter angst and the sweetest of saccharine fluff  (and all points in between) are equally welcome.

Fandom: Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis
Character(s): Polly Churchill, Merope Ward | Eileen O'Reilly
Notes and optional prompts: I would love to read more about Polly and Merope! I love that they are smart and brave and interested in the world. I love how resourceful Polly is and how Merope is scared but does stuff anyway. Gen and femslash are equally welcome here. Angst and fluff and all points in between are welcome. I am fine with canon character death.

I love that time-travelling historians are a thing and would prefer fic set in some part of the canon 'verse rather than an AU. I like Alf and Binnie. I like Dunworthy. While I like Colin, I don't especially ship him and Polly (they barely know each other).

I would love fic where Polly and Merope have to work together to solve a problem, big or small, whether they achieve their goal or not. Fic set in London during WWII would be great. Pre- or post-series fic would be great. How would one or the other, or both, cope in a different historical time period, or in their own time? Glimpses of Polly and Merope as undergraduates? Post-canon glimpses? London glimpses? Grocery shopping? A night on the town? Hijinks to do with Christmas presents and keeping secrets? Angsty and/or awkward hook-ups?

I forgot to nominate Mike but if you feel like pretending that I didn't, ridiculous and/or tragic love triangles and/or polyamory are also welcome. (I am fine with no Mike at all since he is not even in the tag set.)

I would like to see Merope and Polly as complicated people with richer inner lives than they may have in canon! But really I am pretty easy and would love any story you care to write about one or both of these characters.

Fandom: The Price of Salt - Patricia Highsmith
Character(s): Carol Aird, Abby Gerhard
Notes and optional prompts:I love Carol because she's determinedly making a new life out of the ashes of her old one, and I love that Abby is there to be a friend to Carol when she needs one. We don't know all that much about Abby and I would like to know more. How does she feel about all things canon? What are her hopes and dreams and motivations?

I'm interested in Abby and Carol together, whether it's about their friendship or about the time, pre-canon, when they were lovers. I am dying to know more about the furniture shop they owned and ran pre-canon, if this is something you're interested in exploring. How did being friends and/or lovers and business partners work for them? What happened to the business in the end?

Why did Carol and Abby break it off and how did it go? How did it start between them in the first place? If one of them were to plan the perfect day for the other, what would it look like and how would the other react? Abby and Carol, deciding to set up as girl (women) detectives? One of them teaching the other to shoot, or one of them wanting to learn to shoot and dragging the other along? Post-canon friends-with-benefits? Post-canon romance??

If Carol and Therese were to get back together post-canon and stay together, how would Therese and Abby interact? What do Carol and Abby have in common; what makes their friendship work?

I am fine with background and/or endgame Carol/Therese. I would prefer fic that doesn't dwell on Harge or Richard. I don't mind if movie canon bleeds into book fic but it would be great if book canon about Carol and Abby's relationship could be used as a jumping-off point rather than movie canon. 

Fandom: Shoujo Kakumei Utena | Revolutionary Girl Utena
Character(s): Kagee Shoujo | Shadow Play Girls
Notes and optional prompts:The Shadow Play Girls are creative and subversive and I would love to know more about them! What is their deal? What do they do when they're not performing? (Are they ever not performing?) I would love any story you care to write about them, whether it's gen, femslash, multi, or het. I love character studies and angst and also hijinks and wackiness. I would not say no to fluff either.

I'm fine with canon incest in this fandom Canon-level everything else is fine too: violence, weirdness, etc. I love this canon in all its surreal glory so I would prefer no AUs. If you wanted to play around with a first-person plural narrative voice that could be cool (but in no way is this expected).

How did A-ko, B-ko and C-ko meet? What made them decide to put on their plays and how does the division of labour work? What do they argue about and what do they all agree wholeheartedly about? What is an ordinary day like for any or all of them? How do they interact with other characters in canon? How would they handle an alien invasion? An underwater expedition? Auditions for new players? A bake sale or a jumble sale? Jury service? What do they do after Ohtori? Anything you care to write about the Shadow Play Girls would be very welcome indeed.

Thank you very much for writing me a story! I hope you have a fabulous Yuletide!

Best wishes,


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