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Apr. 20th, 2017 08:14 pm
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Dear Prime Time Player,

I am so sorry this letter is a WIP. I promise to finish it by Friday!!

Thank you for writing a story for me! I am pretty easy to please and will almost certainly love any story in any of my requested fandoms which does not include any of my (admittedly optional) do-not-wants. Please do write something you will enjoy working on as well :)

I've included some prompts and things I like in case it helps you to have something to start from, but if you've got your own ideas please feel free to run with them! Optional details are always optional.

General notes: I don't have any triggers. I am fine with any rating from G to R. If you write a story that includes sex, I would prefer that sex not be the only element of your story. I am okay with holiday stories. I am not a huge fan of crossovers, especially when I am not familiar with all fandoms involved. I am okay with canon character death. I would be thrilled to receive fic in any canon I've requested.

Please do not include: Graphic descriptions of violence. Graphic descriptions of rape/non-con. Graphic descriptions of underage characters in sexual situations. Graphic descriptions of fires and/or fire-related traumas.

Things I generally like: Gen, femslash, het and slash. Complicated characters. Flawed characters. Found families. Threesomes that solve everything some things. Sex that isn't perfect. Polyamorous relationships. Asexual characters. Redemption arcs. Banter. Hijinks. Angst. Domesticity. Competence. Finding out how things work. The minutiae of everyday life. Kissing. Holding hands. Food. Characters working together to achieve something, especially if the people involved are or have been enemies. Consensual sex. Dubcon. Alternate universes. Tropes. World-building. Fake dating/marriage that leads to feelings. Fake dating/marriage that doesn't lead to feelings. Coming-of-age stories. Knitting. Cats.

Things I generally do not like: Fic mainly about pregnancy and/or babies. Character-bashing.

Things I am on the fence about: A/B/O and soulmark or soulbond 'verses. I do enjoy ones with lots of world-building and/or trope subversion.

Fandom: Ghostbusters (2016)
Relationship(s): Erin Gilbert/Abby Yates
Notes and optional prompts: I love how Abby and Erin bonded over being weird when they were in school, and how they wrote a book together, and how they work together as Ghostbusters despite their history, and how Erin freaking launches herself into an abyss to save Abby, and how Abby forgives Erin enough to give Erin a second chance. I love how passionate they are about science and the paranormal and helping people and doing their own thing in the face of opposition. (And let's be real I love how much Abby loves soup.)

I really dig that canon is about awesome ladies (and Kevin) being awesome together AND busting ghosts, so please no AUs.

Tell me more about how Erin and Abby met, and/or about how their friendship imploded. How did they conduct their early research? What are the challenges and rewards in their day-to-day lives? Do Abby and Erin try to write another book? How does that go and how do Patty and Holtzmann contribute? What happens when they all go on a road trip for work or for fun, whether it's to somewhere one of them has always wanted to go, or somewhere at least one of them never wants to go again?

If you want to write femslash, I love first kisses, first times, and how people in love negotiate their work and their love lives. I'm a sucker for a slow burn (though I acknowledge this can be hard to pull off in a thousand works). I like in-jokes and grand gestures and sex that that's fun not perfect. I like characters who like spending time with each other.

Fandom: The Good Wife
Relationship(s): Alicia Florrick & Finn Polmar, Will Gardner & Kalinda Sharma
Character(s): Elsbeth Tascioni
Notes and optional prompts: The Good Wife – I otp Alicia/Kalinda as much as I otp anything just FYI. I'm cool with low-key background Alicia/Will and/or Alicia/Finn and/or friends-with-benefits Kalinda/Will but it would be great if you could focus on whatever character or non-romantic/sexual relationship we match on. Things I appreciate about canon include drinking as a coping mechanism, humour as a coping mechanism, coping mechanisms in general, people being bosses at what they do, people being failboats at peopling, shifting and divided loyalties, people being to a certain extent ruthless and impractical glass offices.

If we match on Elsbeth Tascioni: I <3 Elsbeth a lot and would love something more about how she views the world whether from her perspective or someone else's. I'd rather fic about Elsbeth didn't concentrate too much on her romantic/sexual relationships with her ex-husband or with Kyle MacLachlan's character. It would be cool to see her applying her mad lawyering skills to a social event, or hanging out socially with some of the other characters. Or doing mad lawyering if that's what you want to do; I never don't want to see Elspeth doing some mad lawyering.

If we match on Will Gardner & Kalinda Sharma: I <3 Kalinda and Will being bros a lot. I think they're probably both in love with Alicia, really. Setting aside Alicia, I really like how they seem to be there for each other as friends a lot of the time. I love how they talk about things without talking about things. I like that they're both fierce and are low-key casual and have wry senses of humour. More about how they met would be interesting!

If we match on Alicia Florrick & Finn Polmar: I <3 Alicia and Finn being bros. They both really need friends at the point where they interact in canon. They have some great things that they do together that could be shippy but could also be friendshippy e.g. playing video games (from now until the end of time I will always want more Alicia and Finn playing

Fandom: Riverdale
Relationship(s): Cheryl Blossom & Josie McCoy, Hermione Lodge & Alice Cooper
Character(s): Valerie Brown
Notes and optional prompts: I love the women of Riverdale a lot and I'd love to see some of them take centre stage. I'd probably prefer fic set in the present or past to fic set far in the future, but surprise me. I love the over-the-top nature of canon and how much fun it is, even at its darkest. I appreciate how the characters are larger than life and full of a lot feelings about things and each other, feelings they don't always handle very well. I like it best when the characters make unexpected, hard-won genuine connections.

If we match on Valerie: I love how Valerie seems so grounded and self-assured; is she always like this? What made her who she is today? I'd love more about the events of canon from Valerie's pov, or what she's up to in her own life. I'd love to know more about how the Pussycats work too: it doesn't always seem like smooth sailing. Something about Valerie's personal relationship with her music would be cool, too.

If we match on Cheryl Blossom & Josie McCoy: Canon implies that they're friends and I am dying to know how this works as we never see much evidence of it. Something that draws out their similarities and differences could be cool. Are they ever vulnerable with each other? What kind of shenanigans do they get up to? Are they as close as they once were, and why or why not?

If we match on Hermione Lodge & Alice Cooper. Man. I did not sign up to have feelings about Alice Cooper but I sure am having a lot of them anyways. She's so awful expect, heartbreakingly, when she's not. I'm interesting in how Hermione negotiates taking care of her own life with taking care of other people she cares about, like Veronica. I'd really like something set when Alice and Hermione are in high school together: how did they interact, what did they clash over and what did they agree on? Or something set in the present, maybe not even something where they interact all that often but where they're both taking action in their own lives, and maybe interacting with their daughters too. Or maybe Alice and Hermione talk about Polly?

Fandom: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Relationship(s): Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso/Bodhi Rook, Galen Erso & Jyn Erso, Galen Erso/Lyra Erso, Lyra Erso & Jyn Erso
Notes and optional prompts: SPACE FAMILY. I love these misfits so, so much. Any relationship combination I've requested is a-ok with me. Basically I want to see everyone interact MORE. Everyone lives? Cool. Everyone dies but we see a couple of more moments here and there? Also cool. I am up for tragic AUs and happy AUs and all sorts of AUs really as long as the characters are recognisable as themselves. I love how Jyn comes to live outside herself, to find people and causes she believes deeply in. I love how Galen loves his family and how he does utterly mad and outrageous things to try to make life better for his family and his people. I love how Lyra is brave and reckless, but also a planner and a fighter. I love how Cassian has no illusions about anything but still hopes and plans for the future. I love how Bodhi takes a chance on the fate of the galaxy and on himself. I want these people to be gloriously happy, or gloriously tragic, or really, anything in between.  Prompts. Um. I like archivists and and secret, hidden communities, and people trying to build things together and finding joy in small things.

Fandom: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Relationship(s): Beverly Crusher/William Riker
Notes and optional prompts: I more or less otp Deanna Troi/Will Riker and/or Deanna Troi/whatever she wants but I have a secret soft spot for fic that pairs Beverly Crusher and Will Riker. Possibly because Beverly deserves all good things and something going on between her and Will could be uncomplicated and fun for them both. I could see them as having a friends-with-benefits thing going on at some point in the series. And then there's the episode where Will acts as host to the Trill Beverly is dating sooooo things definitely have the potential to become very, very complicated if that's what you prefer! If you go down this route it would be awesome if your fic acknowledged the consent issues inherent in the episode in some way. Beverly and Will have at least one hobby in common (acting) which could be an interesting jumping-off point. They're both invested in Wesley but it would be great if your fic didn't focus on Wesley as he's not one of my favourites. Things I like about canon include space exploration, crew poker games, the holodeck, the crew as family, visiting other planets, Q, weird things happening to the crew, random bouts of amnesia, random bouts of people working out together and gossiping and/or making out, and the crew being competent as hell in their chosen fields. I like when the characters have a sense of wonder about the galaxy. I like diplomatic missions and undercover-on-a-strange planet missions. I like that Riker likes cooking.

Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga
Relationship(s): Ekaterin Vorsoisson Vorkosigan/Ivan Vorpatri, Ekaterin Vorsoisson Vorkosigan & Ivan Vorpatril
Character(s): Ekaterin Vorsoisson Vorkosigan
Notes and optional prompts: I adore Ekaterin. She is resourceful and tenacious and protects herself and her loved ones.  She rises from the ashes of who she used to be and I think that's pretty cool. I am kind of not keen on Ekaterin/Miles as depicted in, say, Cryoburn. Miles is off gallivanting and leaving Ekaterin with so much on her plate including the care of all of those children?! I'd prefer that your fic not focus on Miles/Ekaterin, especially post-marriage. I love Ekaterin's determination and her drive and her sense of who she is, and how who she is changes due to time/circumstances/life experience. I like stories that explore the complexities of life on Barrayar for women. I like gardening. I like Nikki and Cordelia and Aral and Alys. I like Gregor. I enjoy fic that ships Ekaterin/Ivan Vorpatril: fic where they are both coming of age at the same time, and as adults, and where they're friends first, or are always only friends. What about Ekaterin taking a trip off-planet for fun, either by herself or with friends or a lover? Ekaterin chatting with Gregor, or Cordelia, or Alys? Ekaterin whilst being courted by Tien? (Ugh, Tien.) Ekaterin solves crime?

Best wishes,
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