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Dear Yuletider,

Thank you for writing a story for me! I am pretty easy to please and will almost certainly love any story in any of my requested fandoms which does not include any of my (admittedly optional) do-not-wants. Please do write something you will enjoy working on as well :)

General notes: I don't have any triggers. I am fine with any rating from G to R. If you write a story that includes sex, I would prefer that sex not be the only element of your story. I am okay with holiday stories. I am not a huge fan of crossovers, especially when I am not familiar with all fandoms involved. I love all of the fandoms I've nominated and I would be thrilled to receive fic in any fandom :)

Please do not include: Graphic descriptions of violence. Graphic descriptions of rape/non-con. Graphic descriptions of underage characters in sexual situations.

Things I generally like: Gen, femslash, het and slash. Complicated people. Flawed people. Found families. Threesomes that solve everything some things. Sex that isn't perfect. Redemption arcs. Banter. Hijinks. Angst. Domesticity. Competence. Finding out how things work. Kissing. Slices of life. Cities. Holding hands. Food. People working together to achieve something, especially if the people involved are or have been enemies. Consensual sex. Dubcon. Alternate universes. Cats.

Things I generally do not like: Fic mainly about pregnancy and/or babies. Character-bashing. Earwigs.

Fandom: The Good Wife (TV)
Character(s): Alicia Florrick
Notes: Please don't write fic where all of everyone's problems ever are blamed on Alicia. Please no incest for this fandom. I don't like Eli Gold as much as some people like Eli Gold. I OTP Alicia/Kalinda as much as I OTP anything, but I am also interested in reading about Alicia/Will and/or Alicia/Peter and/or Alicia/Finn Polmar. Gen is totally welcome too! I like Zach and especially Grace more than some people like Zach and Grace. Something that explores some aspect of Alicia's inner life in a way that is still recognisably Alicia would not go amiss :)
Optional prompts: Alicia drinking with Kalinda or Cary or Diane? Alicia as a tourist in her own city? (At a Blackhawks game?) Alicia before we see her on the series? Alicia and Christmas shopping? Alicia preparing for a case? Alicia griping to Owen about a case?

Fandom: The Innocent Man (TV)
Character(s): Han Jae-hee
Notes: Oh, man, Han Jae-hee. I love that she tries to do what she thinks is the right thing. Sometimes. I would love a redemption story for Jae-hee, something about how she faces life post-series head-on and is happier. Hopeful fic would be lovely, but dark and/or depressing fic in the spirit of canon would be welcome as well. Torrid Kang Maru/Han Jae-hee where they destroy each other? Messed-up Han Jae-hee/Seo Eun-gi? (I love both of these women, so please don't write me fic that bashes either one of them.)
Optional prompts (continued): Kang Maru/Han Jae-hee/Seo Eun-gi that doesn't solve a single thing? (Or that somehow manages to work?) More about any of Jae-hee's canon relationships? Budding romance between Jae-hee and Park Joon-Ha? Jae-hee's days as a reporter?

Fandom: Oxford Time Travel Universe (series by Connie Willis)
Character(s): Polly Churchill, Merope Ward, Michael Davies
Notes: Fic where they are trapped in London would be great! Or pre-series fic? I OTP these three, but gen (or pairings) would be great as well. I don't really ship Polly/Colin, for whatever that information is worth. Feel free to refer to Merope as 'Eileen' if the circumstances seem to call for it. I am cool with canon character death. I would be cool with fic which doesn't include Michael/includes Michael in a smaller role, but please do write me fic about Polly and Eileen. How do they get along together/don't get along together? How they each cope with what they're faced with? What are Polly and Eileen and Michael's inner lives like? What are their hopes and dreams? What did they want to be when they grew up? One of the things I like about this series is the world-building (even if it is a bit rubbish) so please no AUs here.
Optional prompts (continued): Glimpses of the three as undergraduates? Post-canon glimpses? London glimpses? Grocery shopping? A night on the town? Hijinks to do with Christmas presents and keeping secrets? Angsty and/or awkward hook-ups?

Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena (TV)
Character(s): Kiryuu Nanami
Notes: Nanami needs all the hugs in spite of being so obnoxious and also she needs to get the hell out of Ohtori. (But then doesn't everyone.) Incest as it exists in canon is fine. Canon-level everything else is fine too: violence, weirdness, etc. I could do without dwelling on fire/fires. (Thank you.)
Optional prompts: Coffeeshop AU? Library minions AU? Namami trying (and probably failing) to be actual friends with Juri or Utena? Nanami trying (and probably failing) to pull one over on Anthy? Nanami trying to become a Shadow-Play girl? Nanami writing a three-volume novel? Nanami, post-canon? Nanami, breaking my heart left, right and centre??

Fandom: String Bean Jean (song by Belle & Sebastian)
Character(s): Narrator, Jo, Phil
Notes: Aw, these characters seem to have such a fun time together. Fic that explores the day-to-day lives of these people would be great. What are their struggles? What makes them happy? What's this about them getting in the bath together? Are they friends or more than friends? I would love to see girl!Phil if that works for you. Gen/OT3/pairings all equally welcome.
Optional prompts: How do things change when the apocalypse happens? (Has it already happened?) What happens when someone announces they're moving out? Moving on? What if someone...brings home a cat? A pizza? A gun?

Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga
Character(s): Ekaterin Vorsoisson Vorkosigan
Notes: Canon needs more Ekaterin, am I right? I am kind of not keen on Ekaterin/Miles as depicted in, say, Cryoburn. Miles is off gallivanting and leaving Ekaterin with so much on her plate including the care of all of those children?! If you have a convincing argument for how this works in Ekaterin's favour, go for it :) Otherwise, I'd prefer that your fic not focus on Miles/Ekaterin, especially post-marriage. I love Ekaterin's determination and her drive and her sense of who she is, even if who she is changes due to time/circumstances/life experience. I like stories that explore the complexities of life on Barrayar for women. I like gardening. I like Nikki and Cordelia and Aral and Alys. I like Gregor. I enjoy fic that ships Ekaterin/Ivan Vorpatril: fic where they are both coming of age at the same time, and as adults, and where they're friends first. I understand if you don't dig this pairing and don't wish to write it! However, if you want to write Ekaterin and Ivan, please do go for it :)
Optional prompts (continued): Ekaterin taking a trip off-planet for fun, either by herself or with friends or a lover? Ekaterin chatting with Gregor? Ekaterin whilst being courted by Tien? (Ugh, Tien.) Ekaterin solves crime?

Thank you very much for writing me a story! I hope you have a fabulous Yuletide!

Best wishes,
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