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Hello! This is a placeholder! Super quick info until I write a real letter: Gen or f/f for all is fine (if in doubt, go gen); please no incest (mentions of any canon incest is fine); please no cross-generational f/f; would prefer no PWP; see YT letter for more likes/dislikes/etc. Thank you in advance!

ETA my Galentine's Day letter. I am sorry this is a bit late! Please feel free to go beyond any of my suggested prompts: I've included them in case you want any guidance, but I am very open to other possibilities!

Dear Galentine's Day author,

Thank you for writing a story for me! I am pretty easy to please and will almost certainly love any story about any of my requested characters which does not include any of my do-not-wants. Please do write something you will enjoy working on as well :)

General notes: I don't have any triggers. I am fine with any rating from G to R. If you write a story that includes sex, I would prefer that sex not be the only element of your story. I am not a huge fan of crossovers, especially when I am not familiar with all fandoms involved. I am okay with canon het and/or slash pairings as long as they are kept in the background.

Please do not include: Graphic descriptions of violence. Graphic descriptions of rape/non-con. Graphic descriptions of underage characters in sexual situations.

Things I generally like: Gen and femslash. Complicated people. Flawed people. Found families. Threesomes that solve everything some things. Sex that isn't perfect. Redemption arcs. Banter. Hijinks. Angst. Domesticity. Competence. Finding out how things work. Kissing. Slices of life. Cities. Holding hands. Food. People working together to achieve something, especially if the people involved are or have been enemies. Consensual sex. Dubcon. Most AUs. Canon compliance. Canon divergence. Backstory. Futurefic. Character studies. College stories. Cats.

Things I generally do not like: Fic mainly about pregnancy and/or babies. Character-bashing. Cross-generational pairings. A/B/O AUs. Earwigs.

fandoms under the cut: Baby-Sitters Club, The Good Wife, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Thor (Movies), Leverage, Shoujo Kakumei Utena | Revolutionary Girl Utena )

Thank you very much for writing me a story!

Best wishes,


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